Freedom Unearthed 2.0

The people have spoken and we’re listening! Karin went to visit a chiropractor last week. He said that he was reading Karin’s other blog but mentioned he quit reading Freedom Unearthed. She asked him why and he said that it was way too intense. Karin told me this when she got home and I can completely understand that point of view. Things got pretty intense pretty quick and we didn’t let off the throttle. I’m sure many people feel the same as that chiropractor did but just haven’t voiced it to us.

To be fair if I happened to come across this blog randomly it would be hard for me to even read all the stories and topics that are on here. While I strongly believe in the method and the message that we are putting out there I also understand that it could alienate some people untintentionally. I never intended for this blog to become all depressing and dark only. While that is certainly an aspect of life that definitely needs to be addressed (and we will continue to addrss it  frankly and honestly) we also want this to be a place of encouragement, light and positivity.

We have had thousands of visitors in a very short time and want to be a place people continue to visit on a regular basis. I’ve put a lot of thought into the direction of Freedom Unearthed and where we need to go. A part of that process is developing a community and envisioning what that will look like (at least in my mind as of now- I know this will change over time). We want Freedom Unearthed to be more than a blog but a place where people come together and share life. So, let me tell you the sections we will have going forward and how you can participate.

The sections will be as follows:

Stories of Pain (these are the stories you can share that have to do with overcoming struggles, challenges and hardships- there is no topic off limits and we want people to be as real and raw as they wish. These are the ones we’ve featured thus far)

Stories of Praise (This is a New Category. This will be stories of encouragement, healing, hope and feel good/ “chicken soup for the soul” type stories.)

Topics Churches Don’t Address (These will be subjects that “everyone thinks about” but no one discusses)

Devotionals (You can write a devotional to encourage others in their walk with God and in life in general)

News Stories (These will be added from time to time to tie into relevant topics that have been or could be discussed)

Resources (This will include personal studies, materials for churches/ non-profits, books and counseling resources. Eventually it will include small group materials)

We are also adding a forum so we can better communicate with each other. There are people visiting our website from all over the world and commenting on various topics. We would love to get to know people and have meaningful discussions. It has been a dream of mine since the internet became popular (that is no exaggeration) to have an on-line small group that meets on a regular basis and does Bible studies through a forum setting.  I will soon figure that out and we can do one together. I promise that it will be completely meaningful and relevant.

We want this to be a place where everyone feels welcome and you can easily peruse to the section that you want to view. If you want to skip all the stories of pain then you can. If you want to read some relevant news stories then you can do that. Or, if you just want to chat with folks in our forums then you can do that as well.

So, this opens up a whole world in which you can participate. You can write stories of pain, or you can write stories of praise. You can write devotionals for us and even submit resources for others to use.

You can send your stories, devotionals or resources to Check back soon for the forums to be open for discussions!

In His Grip,

Brian and Karin!


About freedomunearthed

This is a forum for everyone to come clean-to be who they really are without fear of shame or judgement. This is a safe place for a community of people to share their real life struggles, fears, pain or questions. This is a mix of people's stories, addressing real issue in real ways and some inspirational writings. This is a Christian based blog that welcomes everyone to join and share in the conversation.
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3 Responses to Freedom Unearthed 2.0

  1. momfog says:

    This is a very ambitious blog and I wish you all the luck in the world. I’ve only read a few posts and I am subscribing. Honestly, it’s refreshing to see a Christian blog that isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. The real world does not work that way and pretending as if it does, does not help those who are struggling in a sometimes ugly and painful world. I look forward to future posts.

  2. wittyjules says:

    This is a very interesting point of view. I enjoyed reading a couple of your posts, and I’m sure I’ll return. I’m a different kind of different, but, I guess that’s why we’re all here; right? Feel free to check out my blogs, if you like. Thanks, for opening the curtain.


  3. Momfog and wittyjules- thanks for subscribing. I’m happy with what we’ve done and the tone of the blog. We have some great, heart-wrenching stories coming as well as some inspiring ones. Momfog- you are right about people’s struggles and our need to address them. The Church is way too timid about addressing them and is getting left out of the conversation and left behind all together. Hopefully we can be a small voice in the conversation.

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