Why A Son Needs A Dad

My dad got me this book entitled “Why A Son Needs A Dad” several years ago on Father’s Day. I thought I would post some snippets out of it that describe my dad on the one year anniversary of his passing.

A Son Needs A Dad…

to teach him how to talk with girls

to teach him to apologize for reckless words

to teach him to always give a good day’s work

to encourage him when he meets with disappointment

to help him learn from his mistaces

to teach him that it is wise to seek advice

to help him face his challenges with confidence

A Son Needs A Dad…

to be a doting grandfather for his children

to tell him that all is not hopeless, even when it may seem that it is.

to take him to baseball games

to nurture his independence

to teach him that respect must be earned

to prepare him for being responsible for his own family.

to stand with him the day he marries

who knows how to have fun

A Son Needs A Dad…

who will be there for him when he needs help

who will discipline him firmly and fairly, while loving him relentlessly

to show him unconditional love

to let him be his equal now and then

to urge him to pursue worthy goals

to help him find his way

to show him how to tie a necktie

to teach him to stand up for himself

to tell him that ignorance is not an excuse

to help ease the burdens that weigh heavily on him

to encourage him when he is in doubt of himself

A Son Needs A Dad…

to encourage patriotism and civic responsibility

who is willing to make sacrifices for his family

to be the role model for the father he will become

to teach to think about consequences before he acts

to teach him to take pride in providing for the family

to show him the meaning of the word reliable

because without him he will have less in life than he deserves

Dad was mine and Karin’s greatest cheerleader. We definitely would not be the family we are without his love and encouragement. We miss him daily and wish that we could have more time with him.


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2 Responses to Why A Son Needs A Dad

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m so thankful for your dad and the way he encouraged and supported you guys.

  2. venera pott says:

    awesome poem, I must say, freedomunearthed !..ein hoch on your inner child who is very much alive and kicking 🙂 love from venera

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