Is my husband a reincarnated Peter?


In studying with BSF, we have been studying the book of Acts. We’ve gotten to chapter 7 and it wasnt until today that I noticed just how similar Brian and Peter are. I was sitting in lecture and it jumped off the page at me. They had so much in common.

Peter was known for his zeal and cutting off the soldier’s ear to protect Christ. He also was known for wanting to be in love with Christ. And of course, we know that he was also the one to denounce him.

I think about and laugh about how Brian used to run through the halls of his high school saying Jesus is the Christ!! To me that’s funny, but he is was only doing what he thought was best…being bold just as Peter did when he cut off the ear.

However, we also know that Peter was “the rock” to which Christ would build his church.

But the specific example today, was when they talked about who Peter became. When he at first was concerned with religious leaders and denounced Christ, he now was becoming bold and not concerned at all with what others thought.

When he, John and the crippled man they  healed were jailed and then freed by an angel, they were brought forth to the Sanhedrin.

Peter, who was a normal guy, filled with the Holy Spirit began talking boldly about the prophecies of the Old Testament and how these alone proved these religious leaders were killing the Christ. Gifts such as prophecy were flowing out of his mouth like honey.

So what does this have to do with Brian?

Since leaving church ministry, Brian has really transformed into the new Peter if you will. His writing on FreedomUnearthed is bold and prophetic.  He has set his mind and will never turn away from His purpose of spreading God’s word and releasing the captives.

When Brian was in college, this was the guy I knew. But over 14 years in minstry, something had changed. He also became religious and as an example one day, yelled to Tayler and I that we couldnt wear jeans to church! This was not the man I married.

He was burnt out and needed renewing.

But, what I see now is more than renewal. Him sharing on this blog is nothing short of a MIRACLE. This was definitely God’s work and it has freed him up in so many ways thus also freed up so many others.

Another fine line example is that after Peter received the 39 lashes which was great humiliation for a Jew, he left rejoicing because he had suffered for Christ.

God has been teaching us a lot about suffering these past few years and I see more joy on my husband’s face than I have since college…and maybe even more. He has resigned or shall I say surrendered himself to God, is seeking Him and because of that is on fire for the true God and isn’t ashamed to tell you about it. His zeal is back. But with that so is his humility and hunger.

He has always been my rock but maybe pretty soon he will be “the rock” that a ministry is built on. Wait-he already is. FreedomUnearthed.





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This is a forum for everyone to come clean-to be who they really are without fear of shame or judgement. This is a safe place for a community of people to share their real life struggles, fears, pain or questions. This is a mix of people's stories, addressing real issue in real ways and some inspirational writings. This is a Christian based blog that welcomes everyone to join and share in the conversation.
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