I think we are finally coming alive!

These past 11 years, we have grown in our relationship.

There have been dark cold days and sun shining Spring Days.

There have been spiritual highs and depths of desperation.

But, now it seems we are really beginning to find ourselves on the path that we are to forge.

We are great partners/teamates, (but definitely not perfect) are respecting each other, we are healing, and we are loving one another. This has taken 11 years and we still  have so much further to go. In fact, after a recent solid time, stressors of life took us down to another point…nothing serious, but I will admit hard emotional times for me.

And Brian shares his heart on here so I will let you learn him on your own.

These past few days, we have been able to open our windows. I’ve opened all the curtains and raised the windows.

It happened to me that this was symbolic of our souls. I feel like we are both forming into our best selves that is achievable at this point on the path. When, I opened up those windows, it felt like we are finally waking up from a slumber that has lasted our entire lives. Its like we are just at the beginning of coming alive!

We aren’t fully alive but the Holy Spirit is breathing. We are stumbling towards an awakening time. We are accepting the light to shine in.

There will be dark days. There will sun shiny Spring days,

But today, all the sun is  shining in and the wind is has a gentle breeze.


About freedomunearthed

This is a forum for everyone to come clean-to be who they really are without fear of shame or judgement. This is a safe place for a community of people to share their real life struggles, fears, pain or questions. This is a mix of people's stories, addressing real issue in real ways and some inspirational writings. This is a Christian based blog that welcomes everyone to join and share in the conversation.
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