Finding The Needle In A Haystack- Preston Atkinson

Defining American culture is nearly impossible. Finding the common thread that unites our culture is as difficult as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Shamefully and consequently, this trend has seeped into the evangelical community where there is far more “community” than “evangel.”In the name of tolerance, the evangelical community (loosely speaking, the supposedly Christian church) has redrawn the lines between secular and sacred that our theological forebears died to erase. Scripture commands Christians to grow up or mature in Christ so that we not be “tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes” (Eph. 4:14).

Clearly, not all churches preach and teach the same gospel. There is only one gospel and anything else is a false gospel. There is only one truth that unites the church and remains the hope of the world: Jesus Christ died for all who would repent and believe in him for
eternal life. And finding that true gospel has become a challenge to say the least. In the name of cultural relevance and marketing survival, our churches have become pluralistic.
Perhaps a natural byproduct of living in a democratic free society allows for the enemy of the gospel to come in like a flood and sow tares in a field of wheat. The enemy will tolerate anything but the truth. And that enemy co-opts the aspirations of preachers who would rather fleece the flock than shepherd them.

The money being “harvested” by these men and women for earthly treasures “in the name of God” is an offense against the gospel. Religious television is dangerous to watch and should be warned against. There seems to be little discernment when it comes to wolves and sheep. Just because something is being peddled in a “Christian” bookstore does not mean its Christian, either. Scripture is often abused for personal gain or corporate gain. The Christian language has been hijacked “by human cunning, by crafty and deceitful” men and women. They prey upon the weak and poor, spiritually immature and those naïve in biblical theology. While priding themselves on ministerial authority, these false teachers are actually condemning themselves. While they hypnotize the gospel-illiterate they are being fitted for the millstone that will one day drown them..

I once listened to one of these superstar false teachers and watched in horror at the crowds
reaction. What was being passed off as spiritual and a manifestation of the Holy Spirit was far from it. The eloquent and entertaining speaker began with a few verses of a Bible story and then continued on in a fascinating continuation of the story that he created in his own imagination (which he admitted) and then claimed that it was a direct revelation from God. From the fantasy he created, he then made application for the hearer. The application included promises that God has made but it came from the part of the story that was extra-biblical and from his claim to revelation. And if the hearer believed then
they would receive what was being spoken. And if the hearer did not receive then it must mean that they did not believe.

What’s at stake here is not an issue of denominations or lack thereof. It is not a matter of style or preference. Its not a matter of culture or tradition. What is at stake is the true gospel; that same gospel our Savior bled and died for. It is a narrow gospel. It is infallibly true and this gospel is difficult to find even in today’s churches. “Not everyone who says to [Him], ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom.


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