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This is exactly what it sounds like- topics usually avoided or treated with kids gloves. We’re pulling off the gloves and getting real. Jump in on the conversation.

When Depravity Knows No Shame

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The biggest sporting event in modern times is coming to Indianapolis- the Super Bowl. The city has been preparing for years for this event- rebuilding streets, modernizing the downtown, moving the homeless out of the area, fixing up schools. Of … Continue reading

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Son of a Bigot- by Preston Atkinson

Son of a Bigot I guess I was simple minded and too child-like to know any better. I was 8 years old when it happened. I did not know what it was called but I knew it was painfully wrong. … Continue reading

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The Case Against Capital Punishment- by Tayler Hume

Written by my 16 year old. Looks like we have another philosopher in the family. I have chosen the topic of capital punishment, because I feel very strong about it. Unlike most that tackle this subject I have looked at … Continue reading

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(Re)Defining Masculinity and Femininity?

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I was listening to a talk show this week when the guest host, Mark Belling, went on a total rampage about masculinity and the modern male. I was going to let it slide but it took up the entire three … Continue reading

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Rationalizing An Affair- part 3 (Writing A New Chapter)

God not only blessed me with a truly loving husband and the miracle of a baby, He also blessed us with a surprise – baby #2! This came just as much of a shock to us because we just knew … Continue reading

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Rationalizing An Affair- part 2 (The Meet-Up)

You can go back and read the first part of Beth’s story to get the background and understand the people she discusses. The first year with our new baby, unfortunately, wasn’t all fun and games.  My past was starting to … Continue reading

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Rationalizing An Affair- part 1 (Beth Baker’s story)

This is Beth Baker’s story. We appreciate her courage to share it. I’m 36yrs old, married to a wonderful Christian man and have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters.  Most people that know me probably think I’ve had a pretty … Continue reading

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Trapdoor-A Poem About Depression by Karin

I’m falling through the trap door again. For a brief moment, I was walking in the bright, green fields feeling each blade of grass between my toes. The fresh wind blew on my back and the warmth of the sun radiated on … Continue reading

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Dealing With Inappropriate Attractions

Can you help who you are attracted to? What if it’s an inappropriate attraction? Should you just give in? Why would you want to deny yourself pleasure? Who decides what’s “appropriate” and “inappropriate” anyway? If you haven’t read the story … Continue reading

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Youth Pastor Arrested!

This is by far one of the most despicable acts I’ve heard about- especially as a former youth pastor myself! Many of you have read my story on dealing with childhood sexual abuse and know my sensitivity to it. This … Continue reading

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